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Here is what some of Your Web Developer's clients had to say about our Customer Service.

Michael Riddle, former President of The Emergency Necklace Company
" I think Your Web Developer is wonderful. They turned the ideas in my head into reality. They are easy to work with and all of my expectations have been exceeded."

Sue Marshbanks, Owner of The Pipe Den, Vero Beach, FL
"After spending a lot of money, time and anxiety with my former web developer, Your Web Developer was referred to me by a friend who was very happy with their services. It was like night and day. Your Web Developer is not happy until you are happy. They come up with suggestions for marketing that are helpful. When I have asked for certain changes to be made, they are accomplished quickly and cheerfully. The genuine caring about MY business is truly refreshing in this hi-tech world. I highly recommend Your Web Developer for your web design and marketing needs."

Nick E. Krause, of ChildPAL
"I want to thank Your Web Developer for providing me with a wonderful experience while building the ChildPAL Web site. I was tasked with putting together a Web site that would give visitors information that represented our Organization. The only thing I knew about Web sites was how to navigate them. I knew nothing about designing or building a Web site. I explained to Your Web Developer what we wanted and the rest was easy for me. We decided on the content of the pages. I sent her everything that the Organization decided needed to be included on the site.

Anytime I had a question, no matter how basic I thought the question was Your Web Developer was very prompt and courteous in answering. Not only did they answer, they explained in detail why certain things would work and would not work. I was often sent links to the development site for approval. If there was something I wanted to change, they immediately changed it and provided wonderful customer service.

I would have no problem with referring business to Your Web Developer. I feel confident that all customers are treated as wonderfully as I was. In addition, Your Web Developer definitely realizes that they work for the customer and take that to heart."

Mary Ann Cavanagh creator of Hooray For Elfie
"Your Web Developer made our ideas come alive. All of our questions were answered quickly and professionally. We were made to feel very important as a customer."

Margaret James, former President of
"I wanted to take a moment to write you a note about how much I appreciate the wonderful job you have done on I came to you with the idea in my mind, but not much else and you very helpfully walked me through the entire process of setting up my internet business. I especially want to thank you for listening to me. For listening to not only what I wanted my page to look like, but also changing things as my mind changed. You took the time to offer helpful suggestions to help guarantee the success of my internet business venture. I must add, that I am very glad you offered your help not only in marketing my website, but also setting the site up so that it receives valuable traffic resulting from search engine inquiries. When I began developing the idea for the site, I had the fear that the web developer would do only what they thought was the proper way to design my site. I was very pleased that you actively worked with me allowing me the freedom to walk with you each step of the way through the entire development of the site. I highly recommend your services! Sincerely, Margaret"

Danny Goldstein, Vice President of The Hutton Group, Inc.
To Whom It May Concern:
Our company has had a website since 1995. The first one was a website that was part of a "mini mall". Our site looked like the rest of the others on that "Home Page" and did not get the results we had expected.

We then hired a "Professional Web Site" design company. I told them exactly what we wanted and showed them my designs on paper. (I have been a commercial artist for 20 years). All they had to do was copy/paste my design onto a website.... NOTHING!!! I got something that looked like some little kid did it. We stopped giving people our Web Site Address because we were too embarrassed to have our clients see it the way it looked.

Last spring, I stopped at a colleague's new web page. One look and I knew I had found something great. The page loaded fast. The graphics looked clean and unique, not like the designs you see all over the internet. All the links and buttons for the links where placed where you would expect to find them. Each, was self explanatory. The bottom of the page had a link to the creator of that site, which took me to the portfolio.

After spending a few hours going through every site in the portfolio, I decided to send a note to the company which had created all these fantastic sites.

My letter was answered that same morning, after which I picked up my phone and called Your Web Developer.....

That was on a Friday morning. We communicated all through that weekend, back and forth, and by the following Tuesday we had our site. YWD had designed it from scratch.

Since our new web site was launched, I have been able to cut out work force by 2-3 office employees. The ones left now tell our applicants to log on to our website, fill in the form needed and submit it to us. This has saved our office personnel and our consultants hours of time. Another time saving feature is that applicants can download sample resumes, documents and forms directly off our web site. We used to spend a great deal of time and money to mail these items, wait until the applicants received them, filled them and sent them back. Now, we get them back the same hour!

One of the best things about working with Your Web Developer . Availability!!!

I, and the rest of my staff can ALWAYS reach them. They go out of their way to make sure that the job is done the way we, the customer, are 100% satisfied. In my absence, they have stayed on the phone for hours making sure that a member of my staff posted some new jobs on the site correctly, or instructed some other employee as to set up his or her E-Mail box.

What is this kind of commitment and service worth to your company?

Danny Goldstein, VP
The Hutton Group, Inc.
815 Live Oak Rd, Suite A
Vero Beach, FL 32963


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